Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year

Well I finally have time to upload a few pictures...this is our Christmas tree, pics of the girls in front of the tree and my piece of new art first one of the year


Debb said...

Sherry, the girls look like there haveing fun. Your tree look nice.Can't wait to see what you do with the school.
I was watching TV and the showed the ornaments that everyone made for thewhite hose . I told my husband your was there. They all lokkso good.Just seen the doll over at Jean siteI love her .Thehands really look good. Will I better get to bed boy go back to school .And Ihave to go get them up.
love Debb

Linda Fleming said...

The girls look so cute sitting in front of the tree (which is lovely by the way).

But now I know why you have been quiet- you just had a new baby! HeeHee! And you didn't even tell us you were pregnant!

Love that art piece!

MaryO said...

That's a beautiful big tree, Sherry, and the girls look soooo sweet!
Now I have to go back and look at your art work again (I was too anxious to see those girls!)

MaryO said...

Well, I love the collage, too! I know you're happy to be creating again.

Bear said...

oh Sherry
its all beautiful the trree the girls everything
so good to h ave you back in the land of internet as well- have missed you heapsa
love n hugs bear xoxoxox

Nita Butler said...

Sherry your tree is beautiful. It was nice seeing the girls!
Thanks for sharing your pics. The place is looking good. Love the new chair!

Love ya,