Saturday, December 13, 2008

thank you mom and dad

Well in the temp kitchen and entry hall the concrete floors were mom and dad came out yesterday and did them for us...aren't they awesome...wohoooo so big ol hugs and thank you to both for all their hard work...yipppeee


jandee said...

Goodness-- you guys are moving fast God BLess --It is looking wonderful!!Hugs jnadee

Fran said...

It's coming right along. That was very nice of Mom & Dad to help. I know you are excited to get finished and moved in. I'm Excited for you.
Love & Hugs

Debb said...

Can't wait for you get done so we can see it.I would love to do over something like that.I guess I could do my house it needs alot of work
It was nice of your Mom & Dad to help.Was she bossing you the whole time?Just kidding Love her
love Debb

Sherry Goshon ODACA said...

noper deb she didn't get a chance dad was bossing both of us rofl

Linda said...

Looks very it. they did very very Good.

Nita Butler said...

Sherry the place is looking like home! Mom and Did a swell job on the floor! Looks like it was a LOTS of work!


Sis's Vintage Ladies said...

Sherry, thank you for sharing pictures of your work on your home. Its really great watching what you are going to do next, you are very creative!
hugs, Sis

Linda Fleming said...

I am just amazed at how much you have gotten done already. And how sweet of Jacque and Al to do those floors for you! You have the bestest parents, Sherry!

Lisa Gatz said...

Hi Sherry!

I'm going to be moving soon, too. It's an exhausting process when you've been in one place for so long!

Congratulations on your White House ornament, also!


Bear said...

man oh man alive- your gym is a gym no more its coming into its own as a home
wonderful job by Jacque and Al
lovely lovely lovely
bear xoxoxoxo

Casarth-Bären said...

I wish you and your family a * healthy new year *. All your wishes may be fulfilled!

love greetings of Ines and the Casarthbaeren