Wednesday, September 30, 2009

studio on the move


this is about 3/4 of my studio it's on the move....wohooo
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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Reno/Iowa retreat oh my

well this was jean bernard and my 4th retreat held for the 2nd year in was wonderful truly...the first year to hold it in the old school which was great...lots of things to iron out but for a first truly we feel successful...we will be back in Iowa next year...dates are sept 9th thru 12th mark that date and join us...jean is working on the prototype doll as I write...I sent my part with her and we are thinking mixed media, cloth, wire and wax wohooo and whatever else we come up with...I do have pictures of the challenge which all the dolls were so amazing...the theme was fall or halloween....we also did a pincushion swap and wow if you can call them pincushions they were so year theme is fractured fairytales and we will swap ornaments...i'm also working on my part for cifi convention where jean and i again tag team teach which is so much fun...i finished the head today...seem to have caught a bug of sorts so moving more slowly then normal but i will keep on keeping on rofl

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Cart Before The Horse: 200 Posts and a Giveaway (or two)

Cart Before The Horse: 200 Posts and a Giveaway (or two): "8.24.2009
200 Posts and a Giveaway (or two)

For their 200th post. in celebration (and we must celebrate at any given opportunity, real or imagined) they are giving stuff away! Yay, presents! they say "I couldn't pick just one thing, so I picked two. "

#1 is a dolly like this one here-
This exact dolly has gone to live in Australia, so I'll make the winner one that looks a lot like her. I'll let the winner choose her eye color.

#2 is a set of Cheater Quilt patterns-
The winner may choose any five patterns from our Etsy shop.
. . .
How to enter:
1) Leave a comment there and they will throw your name in the hat. 2) If you're a follower, or become one, they will throw your name in the hat again. 3) Mention their giveaway on your blog and they will throw your name in the hat a third time.
Please indicate in your comment
if you want to win the dolly or the patterns.
. . .
Winners will be announced on October first.
Good luck!"