Thursday, July 13, 2006

Meet Captain Banana

Well finally Capt Banana is finished....he will be the class I teach on the cruise...his face is pressmold...I have to say i'm pretty pleased with him...those who don't want a peg leg can make two legs that have feet...teehee


Judi said...

He's a hoot! Just love him! Is there anything you can't make?

Where's his parrot?

Kerry said...

He is great Sherry, love that scarf and him too of course!

Linda said...

OMG! He is delightful! What a character! Love his costume- hee hee!
Linda F from FL

Sherry Goshon said...

I'm still looking for him a parrot teehee I bought one that is the perfect size while in oz hummm now to find it oh my and thank you everyone i kind of like him too teehee

JudiA said...

It's the pants -- not at ALL what I was expecting, but perfect PERFECT. I want a pair TOOOOOOOO. PULEEEZE say you will teach this guy to others after the cruise??!!!!


Bear said...

Oh Sherry
I love Captain Banana - hes come up so beautiful- its worth taking the cruise just to play dollies with you!!He really is an amazing pirate monkey!!- U have such a flair with the animals darling !!loves him!!!
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxox