Monday, July 24, 2006

I made it...

Here are my three new pieces to apply for the Art Exhibit in Ames, Iowa
“The Protector”
“Inner Child”
can you figure out which one is which…teehee


Judi said...

Fabulous! Absolutely fabulous! I don't know how you do it! Each piece is better than the last. Bravo !!!

MaryO said...

Incredible, Sherry! I will never know how you manage to turn out such wonderful pieces in so short a time. I can't pick a favorite....well maybe the Protector?????

Linda said...

I predict all three pieces will be accepted for the exhibition. They all are really exceptional- even compared to the high standards of all your work. Your creative muse has ben in overdrive this past week, my friend!
Linda F from FL

miakoda said...

Sherry apparently you have a gift for working under pressure, no time to procrastinate so the natural beauty from within evolves. "Innerchild" would be your all time signature art piece.

Blessings, miakoda

miakoda said...

Perhaps I've made a mistake. I was assuming ... perhaps it's "Peace" who is the serene splendour.

Blessings ... miakoda

Sherry Goshon said...

rofl inner child is the wall piece...the woman in white is peace and procetor is the gourd and elfin piece...teehee yall are the best

Bear said...

oh Sherry
U take my breath way - U are incredible- and a fabulous artist- but is that pink shell I see there??- I love all three pieces BUT the Protector has gotta be the critter and Echlin and they have stolen my heart completely!! I wanna have em - oh they are all beautiful in their own ways and they all deserve to be on display and they better be or theres going to be demostration!- But seriously beautifyl!!
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxox