Monday, July 24, 2006

Look whos on ebay

I was going threw boxes and found Mary Beth one of my felt dolls I made a few years she is one ebay
I wondered where she went...oh my love sherry


Bear said...

oh sherry
this is a beautiful doll I hope she goes well for you on Ebay - she is definately a Sherry G creation beautiful I adore her- and thats a lovely colour wig you have used on her- I really love her too - shes gorjas darling
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxxo

shashi said...

Sherry you know the first thing I did as soon as I switched on the computer was visit your blog, Judi's and Linda's. I am really dumpstruck. What amazing dolls you get better and better. I think all your pieces will be chosen I will keep my fingers crossed. It would really be a sin for all not to be chosen and deprive people of seeing such wonderful work of art.
I really wish one day I can take a class from you.