Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Next on the list

I'm working on the basic man pattern that is put out by maryanne and bonnie of
he was gonna be a harlequin but he has now become the street entertainer...he has tattoos on his legs and he is coming right along...wohooo


Bear said...

I loves this guy- he is so totally aclown or Harliquin -= an the hair goes just perfect with him- he looks a big doll will he be??- or is it just the photo making him look that way
I adore this fellow beautimouse!!
love n hugs bear oxoxoxoxxoxoxo

Sherry Goshon said...

I just realized I can answer...oh my i'm a bit slow with this blogging thing...the new fellow is 16" so not really big...a very nice size to work on...he is fun...

patd said...

Hi Sherry,
Love the new site. You are keeping me on my Internet toes just through following what you are doing!
Pat D

Judi said...

16" dolls are my favorite size to work on! Love the face - great nose!