Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Busy busy day

Well I'm working on several projects at once...I'm working on a body/clothing pattern for one of Jean Bernards pressmolds...and costuming one of Maryanne of dollmakersjourney's basic dolls and a challenge for a vintage painting group...and a new pattern for the pressmold judi ward will use...oh my I sure enjoy playing with my designer friends and it's always great fun to see what we do together...
this is the little one she is only about 5"

The next picture is the needle scupted face on the basic's been years since I did needle sculpt...oh my


shashi said...

Well your needle sculpting as good as ever. This one is looking very good. Can't wait to see it finished.
Sherry I am having major problems getting into yahoo and my mail. So I am totally out of the yahoo groups at the moment. I think it might be me. Are you able to get into yahoo at all. All I get is server not available. No matter what I have tried I just can't get into anything yahoo. I sent you a mail but not sure if you got it.
I will try getting in from my home computer and see if it works.

Judi said...

These are both looking great! The needle sculpting is, as Shashi says, as good as ever! Can't wait to see the outfit you come up with!