Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Almost finished

Well the "day of the dead" doll is coming to a end...I should have her finished by tomorrow...I sure have enjoyed the challenge...


shashi said...

She is lovely. What a contrast of colours of bright colours and somehow even though she represents Day of the dead colours sort of give her a celebrating feel.
Is that one of Jaque's dolls peeping out from behind her? She looks lovely and has got an ethnic look. May we see a close up of her please

Isabella said...

I love those colors! Did you make this for me? I could have a lot of fun with this doll- lots of stuff to nibble on and tear apart!
Big Wags,

Bear said...

oh Sherry
for a doll of the dead- she is pretty amazing and I adore wot you is doing with the costuming - amazing doll - maybe thats it amazing gracie gggggg I being silly now- bears being affected by winter downunder!!
love you dareling!!!
bear xoxoxoxoxo