Saturday, October 03, 2009

Studio in progress




I'm starting to get things in order...Jeff will put wood paneling up on the one wall but I will paint it before it's put up but it's time and I'm not worried about the wall at this point just to be back up and running wohoo
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Bear said...

whoohoo Sherry
I love your studio its so amazing - love the colour (I generally am not a "green" person but this is such a mysterious colour - good for creating!
Everything is beginning to really come together isnt it?? Beautiful room and one in which your style has already been imprinted on-
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxox

creativedawn said...

It must be good to see your thing coming together...I love looking at your studio with all the company you've got the baby holding babies; so cute!

limart said...

Sherry, I'm just amazed at what you and Jeff (and Matt) have accomplished! The school is becoming so elegant and comfortable looking! YOur new studio looks like a dream stufio! Oh, to have all that space!

MaryO said...

Heehee! That last comment was mine, I didn't realize my daughter had signed into blogger and I just used her ID, I guess!

Linda Fleming said...

Looking good, Sherry! I bet you will be so relieved to have your studio set up and all your stuff in one place.

Fran said...

WOW! I love your studio. I know you will be glad when everything is in it's place. What a big job you and Jeff took on. I know it will be well worth all the long hard hours.
Love Ya

Michelle Eaton said...

Looking good :)