Friday, October 23, 2009

she has arms and then more wips




well finally she has arms and i'm loving this needlesculpting stocknette wohooo now another one with no arms teehee and one who needs a body...oh my
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hoppa said...

oh my goodness you are just having too much fun,lol. so good to see you on a roll and having some fun and these are just too precious. i think having Molli around is giving you some influence too.


Linda Fleming said...

Awww...I wanna come play with you! They are so wonderful.Are they going to be a pattern or a class, Our maybe you're making them for for my bday?Hee hee

Bear said...

Sherry girlfriend you are having way to much FUN!!
I love the new girls arms looks so much better for them!! AND do I see a rellie of mine there - could it be a BEAR is in the pipeline oooh man alive I do believe there is! I will be watching her with interest
love u bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Bear said...
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