Tuesday, October 02, 2007

home again home again jiggie jig

Well I'm home from Reno...the dolls are wonderful I have put my pictures up on my picturetrail at

http://www.PictureTrail.com/gid17968655 or press on the home again title and it will take you there... http://tinyurl. com/2mz2g5 and this tinyurl will take you to Jean's pictures and mine

and I will add to it when Jean and eggie download their pictures to me...we will be teaching in Iowa next year...won't that be fun...we are going to alternate years to give students a chance to catch something a bit closer and to give Jean a break...more on that soon...and look at the picture of me...Linda F made me a fairy...awwwww


Jacque Uetz said...

Hooooooooow cute is that!! love it Linda you did great!!

Jean Bernard said...

lolol you are too "toot" and yes, it does look like a little Jean but where are the horns? lol
love ya sis. It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo GREAT to see you and Jeffy! Iowa 2008 here we come!
love ya

Anonymous said...

cute pic Sherry and love your bew wings!!

Kai said...

Ooooooh! You are such a cutie-pie! I LOVE that picture of you with wings!

MaryO said...

You were just toooooooo cute, Sherry! In spite of the wings, which are darling, you look like you might be thinking of some mischief to get into!

JudiA said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *I* want to do that! SO cute -- and you were/are cute too Sherry, LOL!


Bear said...

ooohhhhhoooooo how gorjas is that little fairy known as Sherry- (clebber Linda I wish I was clebber like you) the girls have definately taken after you my little fairy!
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxxo

jandee said...

AHA Now we knnow where your magic comes from..TOO cute SHerry!!! Hugs jandee