Monday, October 29, 2007

Crochet felted roses

I am trying some crochet pieces and felting them...what fun...I did this eyeglass case and the roses...I'm gonna get some better colors for the roses as I think they will be great in my etsy store, as they are perfect for pins...for purses and I need to take some better pictures of them...and I can't wait to embellish the little bag more more more teeheee


Bear said...

oh Sherry
YUMMY!! its truly yummy but agree the colours need to be a bit brighter?? but other then that they are perfect well done my love- U are really into my world these days arent ya??
loves n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxo

Jacque Uetz said...

Woohoo Sherry gave me one of her felted flowers to play with..I think I am going to bead it LOL!!