Monday, September 03, 2007

In Loving memory

Maranda and Lyndi (Lyndi is on the right)...Lyndi you will be missed by us all


Anonymous said...

So sorry for your loss Sherry and family, she was a lovely young women and I know her memory will be a much treasured one.

Linda Fleming said...

What beautiful girls. Such a shame
Lyndi's life was cut so short. Why is it that not until we are getting old do we realize how fragile life is? In our youth we think we are indestructable, never realizing that when we take silly light hearted chances, it may be our last chance? I think back on all the risky things I did in my younger years and it is a miracle I survived some of the stunts I pulled. I just feel so bad for all of you. Give Jeff a big hug for me and then tell him to give you one for me.