Thursday, May 24, 2007

Echlin - elfin child with gourd chair -class JUNE 25th

Remember Echlin? This was a class I offered a couple years ago. Thought I'd offer it to you in case you missed the class. Class will start June 25th, 2007. It covers total faces with watercolor pencils for child and adult...then of course how to make Echlin who is a flat face elfin child, a simple illusion of costuming...and how to make her chair...which is a gourd and I use apoxie sculpt to embellish lots of techniques...

Classes are suspended until I have completed work on renovating the school! Check back soon! (updated Jan 2009)

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Bear said...

U should be run over in the rush to do this wonderful class of yours! The book is worth the money to start with and then the patterns as well- oh Sherry Echlin has always been one of my all time favourite elves
love you sweetie
Bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo