Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Taking a day off tomorrow...yipppeee

Well I got the walls glazed...stucco primed and first coat of color on them...I didn't get them cut in around the edges will have to wait til friday as tomorrow i'm taking the day off...yippeee....I still need to glaze the yellow walls but that will have to wait til the weekend since the paint has to set 24 hours and I tried to do it tonight but am too exhausted to do it...oh far so good...and the back ground of the pic is my studio walls finished


JudiA said...

If you don't simply blaze with creative fire in that space, it won't be the room's fault!! WHAT energy, even in the photos. Spicy!!


Grasshoppa's Art Adventures said...

the room is really looking cozy with glaze on it now. You can see the warmth in there now. Glad you are taking a break as dont overwork yourself there! hugs,