Wednesday, April 11, 2007

more reno doll class pics

okay i'm almost finished with my part of the reno class do and then I mail her to jean bernard to finish...i need to put upper arm and wash skin to match polymer face...wohooo


Fran said...

WOOOOHOOOO!!! Is right. She's beautiful. WOW! Why can't Sept. be tomorrow. LOL LOL
Love Ya

Kai said...

You've outdone yourself! She is WITHOUT A DOUBT my favorite of all your dolls! There's not one THING about her I don't just LOVE! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Mom (Judi W) got rid of all my hair today ... do you think I can have some of hers?

Bear said...

I love her- shes so gorjas already and I cant wait to see wot our Jen does to her- shes wonderful and bootiful
love n hugs bearxoxoxoxoxo

JudiA said...

You mean there's more?? As much as I love seeing Jean's work, this doll is so wonderful NOW. I expected to love her, but now I am preparing myself to be amazed.


Grasshoppa's Art Adventures said...

She is gorgeous Sherry can't wait to see what Jean does to her now.

MaryO said...

Oh, won't Jean have fun with this beauty! She's lovely, Sherry, and so elegant in the gown youve given her!!!!!!

Jean Bernard said...

wooooooohoooooooooooo Sherry! She looks great! I think she is done! :) Can't wait to play with her..... now where did I put the fake blood , skulls, switch blades, eerie lil creatures and such ? lolol JK ! I hope to do her justice.
Love ya!