Tuesday, December 12, 2006

treetop finished

woohoo treetop if finished and ready to deliver tonight...wish I had wings but don't sooooo she is wingless...


Anonymous said...

She is absolutely gorgeous! Love the family photos too!

I have to use Zach's identity because Blogger won't let me sign in as me, LOL.


Eggie said...

Holy Smokes! Sherry she doesn't need wings she is absolutely stunning! What a lucky person to get this to grace their tree.


Kai said...

Gorgeous! I KNEW if I checked back this afternoon you'd have her finished! LOL! By the way - if you have some old pantyhose, wire, and paint you can make some wingies! But I don't think she NEEDS them! She's PURTY, just as she is!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Sherry the angel is gorgeous and what a lovely gift to use as her wings.
Your family photos are lovely.

Linda said...

Oh my! She is beautiful! The person getting her is soo lucky!
Linda F fromFL