Thursday, November 09, 2006

Now a new pattern and pressmold

Meet Thumbelina...she is 9" and her pressmold comes with her body pattern for 20.00
hope you like her


Linda said...

Oh My, pretty face and perfect little body. I can't even imagine making fingers that small.
Auntie Linda

Judi said...

Oh - I didn't think about how small the fingers would have to be. No wonder you used a knit !! She is just gorgeous! I hope I can get her face out of the mold, ha ha ha. I want to make LOTS of these !!!!

Ev said...

Sherry, Thumbelina is absolutely gorgeous. Teensy fingers and breasts to boot... how'd you do that??? You know how I love small things. Awesome job!

Sherry Goshon said...

I used the doe suede for her but I know if I had a good cotton it would have worked great too...and darts lots of darts make great breasts teehee thanks

Fran said...

She's a cutie. Love her.
Love & Hugs

Anonymous said...

OMG! Never MIND those teeny body parts - did you PAINT those EYES? WOW, Sherry! They look REAL! Waaaaah! I want to be YOU when I grow up!