Monday, November 20, 2006


Well I'm going to mother's today for a play day with the grand girls...we are keeping both so that Em can get her ebay loaded...what fun...I will take pictures...and then tomorrow I will start working on my will do before and after pics...wohooo
also here is a canvas collage I did over the weekend
it's called "make a wish"
and it's at


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I look at your canvas art and wonder how you can bring everything together with such seeming EASE. I've agonized over how to arrange and carry mine out to get across what I want it to say. Too much thinking. But you do these lovely pieces so effortlessly! That's why YOU are the teacher. LOL! This one is very quiet and peaceful - and, as always - gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Oh this is so beautiful. I love the way you have got the various shades of whites to blend together absolutely lovely.

MaryO said...

It's very ethereal, Sherry! I love the use of the silks, and all the soft colors and textures....lovely!

Fran said...

It's beautiful. Looks like you had fun making it. Love the whites.
Love Ya

Linda said...

Wonderful Sherry,
I believe you love doing these....cause the love shows.
Auntie Linda

Linda said...

Very pretty, Sherry! Aren't these canvases fun?
Linda F from FL

Jacque Uetz said...

Oh this is more beautiful in person when you can see all the fiber , love it Sherry!