Friday, January 27, 2012

Halo's having puppies oh my

Halo is 8yrs old and this is her first litter and last lol...note to everyone invisible fence keeps dogs in yard...not male dogs the daddy is a's been a long day and poor girl has had two so far first one was dead...oh my...and so jeff had to help this one be born...
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Jennifer said...

Ahh, I am sorry you lost one. We had a cat that would sneak out to meet her mister and after the second litter we had her fixed. We lost almost the entire second litter, She was laying on them when we came home from work, almost as if she was trying to hide the fact they were born on my coat! We did save one and he passed away a few years ago but he was the best cat! we miss him.

Babies are a ton of fun I hope she has a safe delivery!

Susie McMahon said...

Add midwife to Jeff's impressive list of skills!
What on earth is a Weimerheimer?

Little black pup is cute!

Fran said...

OOOO! Sorry the first died. How many did she have? The litte black puppy is sooooooo cute. How many did she have? Hope Mommy and any other puppies are doing good.

LOL!! Jeff made a good midwife. I had a cat that laid on the couch right beside me and had her kittens. After she cleaned each kitten she would put them in my lap. She had 5 put one was born with it's little heart showing. If I tried to get up she would to. So, I had to sit there until she had all her babies and she put each in my lap.
CONGRATS! on the new additions to your family. Luv Ya, Frannie

Grasshoppa's Art Adventures said...

Oh my puppies how many did she have? Sorry one died.Bring one to reno,lol.Congrats as can see Jeff as a midwife as know he is so happy.

Miss ya

Anonymous said...

Susie wiemheimer look like large hound dogs to me rofl
and Hoppa she had 4 and only the one know she was an old girl to be having pups...but mom and one pup are doing GREAT which is awesome and the pup is spoiled already...her eyes opened yesterday i will have to put up new pics...still no name thanks franie