Friday, October 07, 2011

Pillows i'm making

Did the art walk in Marshalltown and set up at Baby Mama's (what a darling shop and owner)
so I made these pillows as it's that time of the year to think of Christmas presents and taking a few orders too
baby mama's was a gift for Angela the owner for being so kind
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Nita Butler said...

Love the pillows Sherry! Very nice!

Fran said...

Love the pillows you made. They are really great. Looks like you are having fun.
Love & Hugs

Cheri Garcia said...

Hi Lady, beautiful. I especially love the first one with the pix of your grandbaby. Is that material you bought, or did you design that? It's really neat. Cheri

Anonymous said...

thanks yall and cheri just fabric i bought for the girls curtains and made the pillow to go in their room