Thursday, January 14, 2010

Valentine playtime oh my



well we are doing a valentine swap on my doll group (it all started with a cloth doll)and since economy is what it is, instead of a whole doll we are making a heart to trade for the skirt on my new pattern "A key to my heart"
what fun so this is my first heart...we are swapping one to three hearts and the skirt is made up of three hearts so it can be all made from friends or just a panel or two...
I have to say this doll is my new fav as i am pleased with the skirt cause i have ideas that keep coming to me on what to do with it...always love when i want to remake one of my patterns teehee
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MaryO said...

Morning Ms. Sherry, dear. What a cute idea, swapping the hearts for the skirt of your new doll pattern. It's so great to hear that enthusiasm in your "voice" again!

Linda Fleming said...

Oh how sweet! Love your new Valentine doll, too. Looks like you're back in your creative groove and going great gun. Good for you!