Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 3 of blind quilt challenge

okay fiber.chicas! are you ready for a whopper day?! ;) here we gooo.....

take a pair of scissors and carefully CUT UP YOUR PIECE! ;) yes, you read it right. cut it up. you must cut into it AT LEAST 5 times! ;) you can cut strips, circles, puzzle shapes... whatever you want to do... but keep in mind that you are going to be sewing it back together into a NEW shape!...

so after you have cut your one piece into at least 6 pieces... arrange them onto a backing fabric, in a new way...and tack them down with pins, fusible web, or a glue stick, then sew them to the backing fabric. (she says you are making it back into one piece no backing showing just something to reassemble together}
have FUN!!! remember... you can hold your breath if this is really hard for you...don't think about it, just dive, gently! ;)

NOW this is scary....mine will be up later ekk can I do it omg

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