Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Cart Before The Horse: 200 Posts and a Giveaway (or two)

Cart Before The Horse: 200 Posts and a Giveaway (or two): "8.24.2009
200 Posts and a Giveaway (or two)

For their 200th post. in celebration (and we must celebrate at any given opportunity, real or imagined) they are giving stuff away! Yay, presents! they say "I couldn't pick just one thing, so I picked two. "

#1 is a dolly like this one here-
This exact dolly has gone to live in Australia, so I'll make the winner one that looks a lot like her. I'll let the winner choose her eye color.

#2 is a set of Cheater Quilt patterns-
The winner may choose any five patterns from our Etsy shop.
. . .
How to enter:
1) Leave a comment there and they will throw your name in the hat. 2) If you're a follower, or become one, they will throw your name in the hat again. 3) Mention their giveaway on your blog and they will throw your name in the hat a third time.
Please indicate in your comment
if you want to win the dolly or the patterns.
. . .
Winners will be announced on October first.
Good luck!"


creativedawn said...

Hello Sherry!
I'll have a go at your giveaway...I am already a follower and will blog about this giveawy on my blog and come back and tell you! Oooooo this is soooo exciting! I think I would enjoy anything you make...the dolly please....lol....
hugz and thanks

Sherry Goshon ODACA said...

aww not my dolly but posted as i just love that site and wanted to share it with all you

gv zwang aka angelmoose said...

happy 200th post, i'd love to play and have a chance! i also love your blog very much! hugs, gail

Bear said...

hewoo Sherry
how could I not play with a chance to win one of your dollies whoohoo no guess' as to wot I would like if'n I win is there??? I am also shameful and a rebrobate cos I am also going to go mention your giveaway on my blog- hey girl I am already a follower so thats 3 times into ya hat I know I kknow but I lubs u and any dollie ya lubs welllll
love n hugs ya bear baby!
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

Bear said...

oopsa Happy 200th BTW how could I forget this most important fact??- I got so worked up at chances I purely forgot my manners - happy happy 200th
love n hugs bear xooxoxoxox

Karen said...

How wonderful that this is your 200th!! Some of us haven't made it to 100 yet!! LOL Your doll would be such a prized possesion!! As always ya know I love your work!

catss99 said...

I want the dolly!!!
Illinois, USA