Saturday, December 13, 2008

thank you mom and dad

Well in the temp kitchen and entry hall the concrete floors were mom and dad came out yesterday and did them for us...aren't they awesome...wohoooo so big ol hugs and thank you to both for all their hard work...yipppeee

A winter's night

We were getting ready to return home after a long day working on the school and this took my breath very winter's night

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Ornament for the White House

I had the honor of being asked to do an ornament for the White House representing Iowa...we were asked not to share it til Mrs. Bush announced the theme...the theme was "The spirit of America" what was the Iowa spirit and red, white and blue...well I didn't do well with red, white and blue...however the spirit of Iowa to me is
Agriculture, livestock, the people and I used the Iowa flower the wild rose...we are not allowed to reproduce the ornament however I am doing a very limited number of ornaments with the wild rose on it...same "feel" as the one I did for the White House...we were given an ornament to use and couldn't do much to alter the shape or here is mine....we were invited to a reception Dec 2 at the White House I decided not to attend due to the work we are doing on our new place in Dunbar...