Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rhiannon's Thanksgiving program

Today was Rhi's Thanksgiving program...she was thankful for her pet sheep rofl...who knows....but they sang several songs it was so cute...and Scarlett was being shy...


creativedawn said...

She is beautiful and I remember all the Thanksgiving pagents and Christmas pageants....mine are 14 and there will be the Christmas concert and all...kinda miss the little plays and shows. Last year the 14 ds was in The Wizard of Oz....he was the cowardly lion! He did a wonderful job and got a lot of raves!!!! not just from
Anyway, enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday!

Bear said...

Oh Sherry
Rhi is so beautiful as is Scarlett!
Rhi looked like she was having a great day and Scarlet was playing at being shy- that grin of hers is beautiful
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxo

jandee said...

KIDS !!! THERE IS NOTHING LIKE THEM !!!AND I JUST LOVE ThESE PROGRAMS !!! Exept that Ted laffs too loud at all their antics..but noone seems to mind --but me --that'll teach me!! The girls are just as precious as ever-- but MY --How they are growing-- RIght before Our eyes---Thanks for sharing