Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Getting on with life

Well since I have been kind on hold for sometime...I've decide all tho we are still playing the waiting game, it's time I get on with life...I have decided to go a head and move my studio out to the trailer that jeff had redone for me...heck if I had gone a head I would have been out there 8mths rofl....so here are a few pics of how it's looking and i'm about ready to start working out their IF my muse decides to resurface which she hasn't at this point rofl...better pictures to come soon


Jacque Uetz said...

Sherry the studio looks great but like we have talked about the pic does not do it justice..I love all your items you have added, did you use the big basket of Mony's?

Sprite said...

Oh my, what a wonderful creative space Sherry, I am 100% jealous.
I'm sure your muse is on her way back from her trip and will be excited to play in the new space. How could she not be?

Make some room please, I'm moving in!(and you thought I was only coming for the retreat, oh boy are you in for a surprise) ;) jk

Can't wait to see more pics


Judi W. said...

It looks fantastic! I see Bob in there too, LOL. Great to see him again!!!!

Linda Kay said...

Hi Sherry glad your back and I know you will really enjoy creating in that wonderful space that you guy's have made...
Linda Kay

Fran said...

Your studio is wonderful. Is that the RR I see that we were in together? Love the shelves over the windows. Love the colors you used too. Happy creating. That studio would make me want to jump right in. Hope creativity is coming to you.
Love Ya

Shashi Nayagam said...

It looks beautiful at the same time it has got such a cosy feeling look that I am sure in there your muse will resurface soon

Glittering threads on the wind said...

Wonderful retreat. I still want those chairs, hehee!

Linda said...

It looks like a great place to just "chill!" Your Muse will be back and when she resurfaces...it will be awesome.