Sunday, May 04, 2008

more updates on wip

well the piece is coming along...more to be revealed
Oh people keep asking what the poem is on the one side it was written for me by Jeff

Just For You!

What then is love a little boy cried
This pain that I feel, is this love deep down inside
And the Gods smiling down
In their all knowing way
Told him no that’s not love but I’ll show you someday
Is this love came the voice
Of an angry young man
Is it love that my father
Inflicts with his hand
Once again came the voice
From above on the skies
No this is not really love
But a clever disguise
Some several years later
On a passionate bed
This has got to be love
Cried the voice in his head
And god chuckled softly
With patience untold
Said you’ll know it’s not love
When the bed grows stone cold
Then god you’re not real
And love but a lie
My life but a joke
To you up on high
Then god took my hand together we cried
True love will be yours
Came the voice from inside
Tonight as I lay
Holding you near
I questioned my god
My hart filled with fear
And the voice came again
And I know that it’s true
This is it, this is love
Just for me just for you…

By Jeff Goshon 1991


Carolyn said...

Well you know me & my sticky beak nose just had to know what was the poem ... how beautiful ... thanks for sharing something so personal ... no I'm embarrassed for asking ... he's a keeper your Jeff ... love the wings ... knew it would be divine ... and her name is ???

Isabella said...

Oh Sherry! I got goosebumps and teary eyed reading that. What a wonderful romantic husband you have! he is a treasure and I am so glad he is yours.

Fran said...

WOW! Sherry,
She's lovely. The poem Jeff wrote for you is sooooooo romantic. He's a keeper all right. So are you. :-)
Love Ya

MaryO said...

That is one of the sweetest poems I've ever read, Sherry. I wish my mother could have seen this one. Give that sweet husband of yours a hug for me!

Linda Kay said...

Sherry I've known that Jeff has written you some beautiful pieces know wonder you've chosen this one to grace this special piece for him..
Linda Kay