Monday, April 21, 2008

Let's have a contest What's my name?

Let's have a CONTEST!
This precious lil Dragonfly Lady needs a name. She is currently a work in progress (WIP) and will make her debut at the 2009 "Creations in Fiber Inc." Conference held in Albuquerque, New Mexico May 28-June 1, 2009. The collaboration was started by Sherry Goshon and will travel to Jean Bernard for the finishing touches. We need your help to name her before she settles into New Mexico hence the CONTEST. Visit either Sherry's blog: http://sherrygoshon .blogspot. com/ or Jean's blog: and look for the CONTEST listing and cast your vote. The deadline for suggestions is midnight, June 1, 2008. Sherry and Jean will compare names and one winner will be announced soon afterwards. The winner will receive Sherry's Book: "Creating Watercolor Pencil Faces" and a Jean's Double Mold : "Cassie & Rhi" as our Thank you gift for helping us name her. Keep checking both blogs as this lil Dragonfly lady WILL metamorphosis before your very eyes :)


Bear said...

heheehe here I am and Y'all are snoozing and I cant thunk of a name, hells bells wot oh wot will I call the girl if she were mine- gorjas and beautiful- cos she is but.... shes firey as well.... and.... those beautiful green eyes ....oh my shes a beauty and thats for sure and to think I cant come and play making her up either its all mean oh wot to call sweet one!
my oh my wot
wot about the:

"Eternal Beauty Mistress of Fire and Emerald the Most High Empress Lady Dracosofire."

hehehehe Its the entire thing girls-( Jean n Sherry!!)yeah I know its way to long but there ya have it bears being stoopid and is so tired and this is all I come up with!! And dummy that I am couldnt find the CONTEST part either oh dear I lubs her Sherry!! I can only dream of the scorcery that our Jeans going to add to this Minx!
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxo

Sue said...

Emily's Prayer or

Emily's Revenge

And I don't know why. That's just what I saw in her. :-)

Anonymous said...

This popped in my head right away and where it came from I don't know, "Qurielle" different huh? I love her Sherry she is already awesome!!

Carolyn said...

Sherry I can't even name my own dolls let alone come up with something fitting for your wonderful creation ... it will be even more amazing after Jean adds the finishing touches ... reckon I will come to CIFI just to see her finished in person ... can't wait to see what her name ends up being ...

Shashi Nayagam said...

Even though she is not yet complete and I don't know what she is going to look like eventually,somehow the nameb Gisella keeps coming to mind when I see her.

Sue said...

OK...I was thinking about her some more while I was playing in my soap stuff, and "Isadora" kept coming to mind. Maybe I was picturing translucent wings trailing...and thinking of Isadora Duncan? I don't know. So there, I'm throwing another into the pot, LOL!

Linda Kay said...

Libélula (means dragonfly in Spanish)...
Ok so there's my idea of a name and Lula for short...LOL!
Linda Kay

morningDove said...

I looked at history of dragonflies and where they come from. I think her name, which by the way she looks glowingly pregnant, should be Nymph Odonata. I read their larvae are called nymph and dragonflies belong to "Odanata order. Call her Nymph Odonata.

this is my first visit to your blog and your work is exquisite.

Kreatively - Kat! said...

She's beautiful Sherry!
Cute idea for a name contest :O)
How about "Aurora" for the goddess of the dawn...seems like early morning is the only time we see dragonflies 'round her.
Oh, and my 9 year old, Rachel, chimed in with "Sharpay" 'cuz she looks like the girl in the High School Musical play we saw last weekend (or more because who saw the puppy pix?)
Sew much fun!

Debb said...

Sherry, here a name or two
Sheany Waterjuffer & Princess Rinoach
love Debb