Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter!

Rhi came to stay as Scarlett has Infulenza A so we dyed easter eggs and she will be doing more at Nana's teehee


Jacque Uetz said...

Oh there is my little Wee, all grown up!She did a great job,beautiful eggs.. thanks Sherry for offering me up for tomorrow night to dye eggs:)

MaryO said...

Oh you girls are having so much fun dyeing Easter eggs! Rhi is growing up sooo fast and she's as beautiful as ever. I hope little Scarlett will feel better soon...I'm sure the Easter Bunny will cheer her up!

Fran said...

OOOOOOOOO! Rhi is so cute. WOW she has grown. Hope Easter was great. Hope Scarlett is feeling better and gma.
Love & Hugs

Yvette said...

Rhi is so cute! She really has grown up fast!
Your eggs are beautiful!!
It looks like you had lots of fun. :o)