Monday, June 25, 2007

Basic Sculpting Class

Beginner sculpting class...learn to use aluminum foil core or my new head armature (more info on that coming soon) to sculpt your basic head. I will share all my tips and tricks - of course!!!! We will be painting the eyes just like the picture here.

The class will start July 27th and it's $50.00US. If you've ever wanted to learn to sculpt, now's the time!

Classes are suspended until I have completed work on renovating the school! Check back soon! (updated Jan 2009)


MaryO said...

Looks like fun, Sherry! I can always use more help and advice for my sculpting!
Love, MaryO

Anonymous said...

She is a beauty Sherry, I know that this will be a wonderful class. I'm buried right now or I would be signing up myself. I have never used a form like your making but have seen them before and can see where they would sure make an easier sculpting experience.