Friday, March 02, 2007

Wanna play???

Well as the Iowa storms at twirling...creativity doesn't stop...teeeheee We have been without power, water and heat since saturday...well mom/dad's came back up on wed and so we came here to wait...which we are guessing monday...soooooooooooo we have been creating and not really in the mood for sewing as we are both a bit stressed from this and I did say what is an ATD? wellllllllll

You've heard of ARtist Trading've heard of paperdolls...well how about ARtist Trading dolls...they are a cross between the two...The beginning I will have a basic template to be used...we will do swaps...round robins...and share tecniques...
Mom and I made Artist Trading Dolls today...what fun...they are made of cardboard then you can basicly do what you would to to a ATC...we also used a very simple paperclay face that Mom will show how to make on the new group and I will have a template...they are about 8 1/2 tall...if you are interested go to


Fran said...

WOW!! Looks like you and Mom are having loads of fun. Wish I was there with you two playing.
Love & Hugs

Judi said...

This is fabulous! Now if you can come up with a great way to store these it would be awesome!

MaryO said...

How cute is that!!! I love this idea and have already printed off the pattern and made a plastic template.