Sunday, October 08, 2006

Home again Home again...OH MY

Well I returned from Doll U which was wonderful and a great the classes all were wonderful and the dolls were awesome...keep checking
for pics of the great event...then I was home one day and went to Ft Benning GA to see matti graduate from Infantry in the army and they did a turning blue ceremony which is a blue cord he gets for Infantry it was wonderful...Matti's friend Cassie went with us and the trip was great and now we are home...and I need to get caught up with so much and leave friday to WI for a doll show plus we are having a barbecue for matti wed afternoon...oh my life does spin...


Judi said...

WOW - Matti looks fantastic! Good to see you are home!

Linda said...

Matti looks so handsome! He has gone from being a boy to being man- you can see it in his face. His friend, Cassie, is sure a cute girl.

I am so glad you are home- now get some rest and take care of yourself!
Linda F from FL

JudiA said...

What a handsome young man -- you SHOULD be proud! Welcome home Sherry. You were missed mightily.



Kai said...

Matti looks awesome! And what's this about another trip for you? Oh, let me find that Super Glue!

Linda said...

Oh My how he did grow up and so fast. He is a handsome young man.
Auntie Linda